Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why do we need CONTACT POINTS?

By using muscle testing and going through a comprehensive flowchart, your subconscious intelligence will guide us to the contact points and other indicators. Holding the contact points will re-synchronize your energy-meridian-nervous system with the universal field pulsation which restarts the self-healing and self-regulating process.

The practitioner must hold the contacts until he feels the pulses beat with the same frequency, intensity, and duration.

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What does the EYE POSITION represent?

The eye position represents where the feeling and its associated subconscious memory is stored in the brain/neural network.


Energetics is the subconscious accumulation of issues from past generations.


The Energetics Interference Number denotes the time-line in which the interference is placed into the patient’s field.

~A NEGATIVE number means that the patient has inherited the interference energetically from past generations and is now manifesting it in his whole being.

~A POSITIVE number means that the patient has present-time interference affecting his whole being.

~The size of the NUMBER indicates the intensity at which the interference is harming him.

Why do I need to hold my BREATH?

When you lie face down and hold your breath, your subconscious intelligence shuts down all non-essential brain cell activity so that you can live a little bit longer without air.

So when the brain cells that were making your back muscles tight are shut off, in unison with the practitioner contacting certain points around those muscle groups, your back muscles will relax.

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Why do I need to use CONTROLLED BREATHING?

Research indicates that this integrates right and left brain congruence, helps end sympathetic dominance, and restores balance to your autonomic nervous system.

Why do I have to RAISE MY HEAD during treatment?

Having the patient raise his head to 45 degrees during a treatment engages the RIGHTING REFLEX (cranial nerve 8). This activates the Vestibular Apparatus and integrates the balanced physiology into the patient’s subconscious memory when the patient returns to weight bearing.

In simple terms, raising the head to 45 degrees causes the brain to store the changes we just made during the mind-body treatment.

Why does TOUCHING THE SKIN affect the muscle tone?

Muscle tone is an expression of subconscious instructions coming from the nervous system (the cerebellum). If the patient’s back muscles will not relax while lying face down on the table, he is in defense physiology. This inappropriate musculature is probably caused by a subconsciously stored memory of a past traumatic experience, injury, stress, or feeling.

Touching the skin above the tight muscles is the fastest way to send corrective signals, via the Muscle Spindle and Golgi Tendon directly to the cerebellum. Upon evaluation, the cerebellum sends immediate motor commands that release the tight muscles from its inappropriate behavior.

The messages the motor (efferent) system carries are determined by the sensory (afferent) system. Once these corrective signals are sent to muscles in defense physiology, they immediately relax.

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Toxicity is anything that you consume, including what you breathe, that alters normal physiological function. This may also include things that are considered good for you in excessive amounts.

What is the MORTER MARCH, aka the M POWER MARCH?

The Morter March is an exercise that improves neurological balance and re-times internal communication by extending large muscle groups and their joints through a full range of motion. In essence, it is a FREE neurological update that you can do by yourself!   Learn the MORTER MARCH and B.E.S.T. Release

What is B.E.S.T. RELEASE?

The B.E.S.T. Release procedure tests the congruency of your conscious, written beliefs (i.e., your goals) against your subconscious beliefs. By using the Morter March and the B.E.S.T. Release procedure, you can update subconscious beliefs that are not congruent with your written goals.

Your subconscious beliefs are responsible for what you attract and experience in your life. Read the next topic to learn how the "Law of Attraction" works.

B.E.S.T. Release requires a partner, but can be done at home, so it is considered to be a self-administered method of removing damaging neural patterns from you and your partner's brain/field. Ask your mind-body practitioner to help you learn the B.E.S.T. Release.   Learn the MORTER MARCH and B.E.S.T. Release

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What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is really powerful, and it is determined by what your conscious mind feeds your subconscious mind. Your objective must be to have conscious-subconscious congruence!

What the conscious mind feeds the subconscious mind is stored as memory engrams in the brain/neural network and then the subconscious mind draws from this information, whether good or bad, to maintain homeostasis (your health or lack of it) and for everything else pertaining to your life.

It is your subconscious mind that operates under the law of attraction. What you really believe is stored subconsciously and that is what you are attracting more of into your life.

We should purpose to use our conscious mind in such a way that it never interferences with our subconscious mind. We must learn to listen to our inner wisdom. It will steer us away from hate, judgement, fear, and all of the other low energy attractor patterns.

Strive to be thankful! Gratitude is one of your most powerful thoughts. Whatever you desire to have, or already have but want more of, just be grateful for it. When you have conscious and subconscious congruence about that desire, the progression and conversion of your conscious thought energy into feelings, emotions, hormones, and chemicals initiates a process that brings more of it into your life.

Your conscious mind affects your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind attracts experiences to you according to that frequency. Gratefulness and thankfulness resonate at higher frequencies and higher frequencies are more powerful attractors. So be thankful for every experience!

Invite the lesson your problems can teach you to come to awareness. Then forgive and release ownership of it. Celebrate what it taught you. Learn from it! You can choose to live at peace and harmony with every experience and enjoy the vibrant health and prosperity that results.

Choose and manage your thoughts wisely. Don’t allow your conscious mind to interfere with the power of your subconscious mind.

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Your body heals on a priority basis

It happens fairly often; a patient will come in with a specific symptom or pain that he wants to get rid of now. He's consciously aware of it, it hurts, it's irritating him, and he wants it out of his life!

But he doesn't know that it is his subconscious mind that governs his health, and that it alone knows his whole condition and sets the priority for healing.

The patient, through his conscious mind is aware of his pain and symptoms, but he doesn't have the perception to choose the priority for healing. In fact, through his conscious mind, the patient doesn't really even know his true health condition.

Your subconscious intelligence has this kind of wisdom; it knows if you have a weak organ or gland, and which of your conditions is the most life-threatening. So your subconscious mind is going to ignore your physical pain and symptoms and concentrate on healing your weakest area first.

The subconscious intelligence sets the priority and will always work on what's most life-threatening first, then it will move on to the next most life-threatening issue.

So we must cooperate with your internal intelligence and help it fix its most important health priority first. Then, after it has taken care of the most critical issues, it will dedicate the energy needed to heal your less serious symptoms.

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When a thought keeps coming into your conscious mind from the past, it’s needs to be reprocessed. Apparently, the way you dealt with it previously didn’t work. Your feeling about the experience needs to be resolved so it won’t become a cause of interference that manifests as a health problem. It can be any number of things not yet resolved. Working together with your mind-body practitioner, WE can identify and neutralize the harmful effects of recurring thoughts on your body.

Example: A patient has been involved in a serious auto accident that was not his fault, and has received some serious injuries that are not healing. The patient, rather than learning from this, has chosen a negative response; he is exceptionally angry at the driver who crashed into him. He’s going to sue him to get even, he’s bitter about his condition, he’s furious and irritated that this drunk was behind the wheel and did this to him, and when the patient gets done with this guy in court, there’ll be nothing left.  

Because the patient's subconscious intelligence has a healing order of priority, it will attempt to heal the cause of the greatest source of interference first. It will try to heal anger before his physical injuries. Spiritual matters supersede physical matters. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, so anger has a higher order of priority for healing.

Unfortunately, there is no physical mechanism to heal anger or any negative thought, feeling, or emotion, so the anger becomes a continually recurring thought that the patient consciously struggles with. The patient will think of his anger over and over again and be tormented by it every day, when he’s sleeping at night, and when he wakes up in the morning. The pain makes him think of it even more.

This unresolved experience becomes a reactive memory; each time the patient thinks of the accident, or experiences any of its physically harmful feelings, his subconscious mind re-accesses the same pattern and re-creates and intensifies the accident's initial symptoms.

So if this patient really wants to be well, anger must be reprocessed by forgiving the driver since his initial response is blocking his healing. When the anger is resolved, the patient’s subconscious intelligence will shift to the next highest priority and begin healing his physical injuries.

Whether it’s anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, worry, jealousy, bitterness or any host of other negative thoughts or feelings, if it is recurring often, this tells you that you are spiritually out of step. The recurring thought is a warning that you must reprocess this thought in a way that won’t hurt you, and then you need to consciously manage it so it never returns. A recurring thought is a good thing. When you resolve one, you reconnect with your source!

You cannot heal when you are sympathetic dominant (in the fight or flight mode), and negative recurring thoughts can trigger that. While we have back-up and filtering systems for what we eat and drink, we have no defense or back up system to protect us from our own thoughts.

Review: When a thought keeps coming into your conscious mind from the past, it’s a warning sign that it needs to be reprocessed. There is no physical mechanism that can heal any harmful recurring thought, feeling, or emotion -- only the spiritual mechanism of forgiveness -- a process that you have absolute and complete control over.

Often, recurring thoughts will have a higher priority for healing than the pain or symptoms that you are concerned about. So optimum health cannot be obtained until you learn to forgive.

Forgiveness is a choice; it is an act of your will, and it's one of your most powerful weapons against damaging recurring thoughts. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you feel good about the memory, or it stops occurring.

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How can muscle tests help find the cause of my problem?

Earlier I stated, that by using muscle tests and going through a comprehensive flowchart, that I could identify and tell you what the CAUSE of your core problem is and the REASON you're manifesting it. How can I do that? By accessing your subconscious intelligence that is responsible for governing your body. Here's an explanation of how I do that...

Did you know that we have two types of INTELLIGENCE?
The first form is EDUCATED INTELLIGENCE; it’s associated with conscious thought and utilizes less than 10% of brain function, and processes only 40 bits/sec (1).
Wellness center, alternative medicine, holistic health,  mind-body, wellness, disease prevention, alternative health-102 It isn’t powerful enough to govern your body. In reality, inappropriate use of your educated or conscious mind (fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, depression, etc.) can become one of the primary sources of interference that hinders your health.

The second form is INTERNAL INTELLIGENCE (aka subconscious or innate intelligence). It is subconscious and utilizes over 90% of all brain function, and processes 20 million bits/sec (2).

It runs your body automatically, even when you’re asleep or unconscious. It easily regulates all of the many thousands of processes that occur every second to keep you alive. It needs no assistance from your conscious intelligence.

Wellness center, alternative medicine, holistic health,  mind-body, wellness, disease prevention, alternative health-103 Because of subconscious intelligence, you don’t have to remember to breathe, regulate your blood pressure, or keep your heart beating. It’s all done automatically.

So it’s this subconscious intelligence we want running the body, and we want it running the body without interference from the conscious mind.

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10% Conscious

90% Subconscious

It is this INTERNAL or SUBCONSCIOUS Intelligence that I can access, if (and only if) my intention is to help you. It will guide me by answering simple YES and NO questions (via kinesiological muscle testing), as I move through a comprehensive flowchart, to the priority, specific sequences, feelings, and contacts that TOGETHER we can employ to remove harmful physiological patterns that are stored in your subconscious mind. These aberrant physiological patterns interfere with proper energy-meridian-nervous system function.

By using the specific criteria we learn from subconscious questioning, we can access and stimulate the exact area of your brain to neutralize the harmful physiological patterns (memory engrams), which restores autonomic nervous system balance so your body can move from defense back into healing.

Once this interference is cleared, your field will reconnect with the universal field, and updated information on how to be healthy will again flow through your energy-meridian-nervous system, to your brain, and down through your spinal cord, and outward to your organs, glands, muscles, and extremities.

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Bio-Energetic Synchronization

I don’t psychically come up with the priority, sequences, feelings, or contacts. I’m just going through this comprehensive flowchart and asking your subconscious intelligence simple YES and NO questions. It's your internal intelligence that flags the area it wants us to begin working so we can neutralize the stored physiological patterns that are harming you, and the interference that is slowing or blocking your body's ability to heal itself. It pinpoints your priority issues, the sequence, the appropriate feelings, and contacts. This is a lot more accurate than most left-brain "conscious" approaches that are so prevalent in western medicine.

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Emotions = Chemical & Physiological Change

Each time you experience a FEELING, what you're actually doing is perceiving with your conscious mind the state of all of the 70-80 trillion cells of your body -- your whole cellular community.

Wellness center, alternative medicine, holistic health,  mind-body, wellness, disease prevention, alternative health-106 The perception of a FEELING is not really an accurate concept as most people understand it. Feelings are not just in your mind. When you sense a feeling, what your subconscious mind is doing is reading and interpreting the condition of your whole cellular community and reporting back to your conscious mind. This report is based on how you’ve appropriately or inappropriately responded to life’s situations. You’re mind is perceiving your body’s response to the THOUGHTS you have chosen (as well as how your cells are being affected by all of your Six Essential Choices).

We tend to think that our mind and body is interconnected, but that’s not really a correct perception. Our “bodymind” really functions as a single psychosomatic (mind-body) network of information molecules. We can define “mind” as a constant flow of information between ALL the cells in our body. The bodymind is one dynamic field of energy and information. This field generates the molecules of emotion and cells of matter. A psychosomatic network generates cells which secrete and respond to molecules through the bodymind. Health is unobstructed, fully flowing, integrated access to the entire bodymind (1).

Your thoughts have a dynamic affect on your body. They can enhance your health or hinder it depending on how you respond to the events in your life, whether positively or negatively. Every thought creates feelings; feelings cause emotions, and emotions can cause a shift in your hormonal-chemical balance which affects the WHOLE of you.

If you feel good, that’s because your subconscious mind is sending a good report to your conscious mind, saying that you’re properly managing your conscious processes and CHOICES through all of life’s situations. If you feel bad, that’s your warning sign that your thoughts are harming your cellular community, and that you should CHOOSE a more positive approach to living.

Since emotions run every system of your body, don’t underestimate their power to contribute to health and disease. In fact, emotions are the glue that holds your body and mind together. They hold your cells together (2).

Negative thoughts create feelings and emotions that cause inappropriate release of hormone-chemicals that hamper proper operation of your body. Your subconscious mind, through unpleasant feelings, alerts your conscious mind to change back to health enhancing thoughts. Your thoughts can create a chemical imbalance and they can also restore the balance.

In fact, every emotion you have produces chemicals (hormones) that elicit a response from your body. For example, when we feel chronically hostile, norepinephrine is secreted which contributes to our risk of hypertension, arteriosclerosis and heart attack. If we believe our problems are beyond control, cortisol increases which can impair our immune system, making us more vulnerable to infections and some cancer. If we think we cannot cope effectively - dopamine, which is related to our sense of reward and pleasure - diminishes. If we have a sense of control or self-efficacy, our stress hormones - cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine - decline (3).

We have three basic outputs in life:

With around 60-70,000 THOUGHTS everyday, it would be difficult to regulate them individually. Based on how we’re thinking, we experience or perceive FEELINGS. If you bask in that sequence of thought and feeling, expect it to solidify into EMOTIONS which are chemical and have a definitive effect on your body (4).

So, if you don’t like the way you are feeling, go back and change the way you are thinking. Your feelings are an “early warning” system before major chemical changes occur! Pre-empt health problems by focusing your thoughts on gratitude and thankfulness; start counting your blessings. Acknowledge that stuff happens in your life so you can learn from it. CHOOSE to be a victor, not a victim. Don’t wallow in “what happened to me” as if you’re some kind of victim in life. You get to CHOOSE! BE optimistic; it will change the way you feel and that will avert your body’s harmful EMOTIONAL (chemical) response which will protect your health (4).

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are different stages of that “dynamic flow of information” between all of the cells in our bodies. Knowing this encourages us to properly manage our thoughts, and their direct effects caused by feelings and emotions in our lives.

Note: TRAUMA, TOXICITY, and THOUGHT are major stresses in our lives. Each or any combination of these three stresses can affect the way we feel and our emotions. In the preceding discussion, we looked at the power of our thoughts on our feelings and emotions because it is an area of our lives we can control. We can CHOOSE our thoughts, and in so doing, we directly affect our feelings and emotions and the health we manifest.

A new study:
Scientists conclude that Chronic Pain is Determined by Emotions
A one-page article from The Telegraph, Health section, Monday, July 1, 2012.
(Opens in a new window)

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What is the relevance of the FEELINGS from the chart?

A FEELING is more than just something you experience or have, it is an invisible form of energy, like sound or radio waves, and each feeling resonates at a certain frequency. (See the FEELINGS CHART.)

A FEELING is a RESONANCE. If we put two guitars in a room and strike the G string on one guitar, the G string on the other guitar will start to resonate too. This is called constructive interference.

So, when I ask you to think of a FEELING during the treatment, it will create a resonance in your body; it's part of a sequence that will guide me, as I move through a flowchart, to the contacts and other data I need to remove that interference that is stored in your nervous system. The resonance of that feeling is part of the process that enables us to find and remove harmful subconsciously stored memory patterns.

Did you know that the physiology of a traumatic injury or negative experience can get STORED with the dominant feeling you were having when it occurred? It becomes a memory pattern that is activated every time you think about that dominant feeling. So every time you think about that feeling associated with the injury, your body will manifest some of the symptoms of that injury.

If you feed that negative feeling, your body will unsuccessfully try to heal that feeling first (because we are spiritual beings and spiritual issues have priority over physical issues). Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to protect us against our own thoughts and feelings, only managing our conscious thoughts can do that.

So this particular person stuck in that negativity cycle will not physically heal; his body will ignore the physical injury which will probably cause him to have more negative feelings! His healing potential will not be activated until we neutralize the memory pattern and he comes to grips with the thoughts and feelings that caused the problem. He must learn the lesson that experience is teaching him. So your thoughts are very important!

If you have an "unresolved emotional response" with worry about finances when you were injured (because you were missing work), then every time you worry from now on, your body will manifest some of the symptoms of that injury from the memory pattern. So the memory patterns associated with your feelings can be harmful to you, and this is what we're working to neutralize.

Our mind-body technique can break that harmful memory pattern, but your future responses via conscious CHOICES you make must keep it that way. You must learn to forgive and release. Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you, so you can learn a lesson. So learn the lesson. If you greet all of life’s experiences with the right attitude, thoughts and feelings, then this memory pattern system of survival will work well for you.

After a few treatments, you'll begin to understand how each of your thoughts create an immediate response in your body. And it's really easy to demonstrate that the thoughts you think have an influence on your system. For instance, if you’ve ever worried yourself into a headache, you’ve already experienced what I’m talking about; if you ever worried yourself into having a stomachache, you’ve already experienced what I’m talking about. So you probably already realize that whatever you think about causes your body to have a response.

When I ask you to think about a FEELING, it's not necessary for you to share anything about that feeling with me. In fact, to do so would feed the negativity that we're trying to neutralize!

We often find that some previous and present experiences in your life resonate at the same frequency. These similar experiences keep resurfacing so YOU can learn a lesson; so you can learn how to work through this kind of situation, not get by it, around it, or over it, but work through it. Note: this isn’t about "the PRACTITIONER is going to fix me!" You're going to get through it on your own by choosing the right thoughts and learning the lessons.

Be kind to yourself! Don't judge the rightness or the wrongness of any of these FEELINGS that come up. And if it doesn’t make sense to you, or you don’t follow how it applies to your life just now, follow along as instructed and you’ll eventually get it.

When you focus on the right FEELING during treatment, it will create a resonance, and the rest of the body will line up with that same vibration. What we’re trying to do with the FEELINGS Chart, and in the whole treatment, is to bring your conscious mind into the picture and that’s what’s going to make a difference in the long-term holding power of your treatments. Once you’ve learned what you were doing that caused you to get out of resonance, you can stop doing that and replace the old habits with new habits based on positive, higher vibrational frequencies. What we’re trying to do is raise the vibrational frequencies to a level where healing takes place for you.

There are hundreds of possible feelings that we might use during our treatment sessions. I'll explain some of the most difficult ones so you can get a grasp on how they could be applied in your life and what we're attempting to accomplish.

LONELINESS: What this feeling might mean is that at some point in time the concept of loneliness was overwhelming to your system. You either experienced extreme loneliness, feared you would experience it, or you were afraid someone else near you was facing extreme loneliness. In some way, this concept of separation and isolation really affected you so much that it caused interference in your nervous system and resulted in a neural association with a harmful physiology. Now, what we need to do is find out where in your system the memory of that loneliness is stored, because it’s having some influence on you, because during the muscle testing procedure, it’s making your strong arms go weak, your leg lengths change, and is blocking internal rotation of the hips, just by thinking about it.

The most effective way to neutralize the effects of this loneliness (or any of the feelings) is through the concept of FORGIVENESS, because the vibration of forgiveness has the most neutralizing effect on the nervous system of any concept that we have found. It doesn’t mean that you approve of what happened to cause loneliness; it just means that you’re not willing to trade your good health for this past experience. I'm not willing to trade my ability to heal for this situation that happened in the past. I am deciding today that this is not a good trade. Begin to invite the reason that this occurred in your life to come to your awareness. Be willing to learn the lesson of what this experience had to offer you; look for the good in this situation. It doesn’t matter whether you grasp all of this in one moment -- your internal intelligence knows what to do; just create the invitation and it will take care of the problem.

HAPPINESS: Sometimes, positive feelings can become a problem when there is a negative fear associated with it. For example, you can be very happy at the time but fear losing your happiness. Or if you’re not happy at all, you can have a fear that you’ll never be able to be happy. So both positive and negative feelings can have harmful neural associations that effect your physiology.

KILL: Could represent killing an idea or killing a dream; the destruction of something, not necessarily a person.

AFFAIR (or INFIDELITY): This could mean that you had some unfaithfulness in the distant past that is emotionally or spiritually unresolved, or that you've been around someone who is unfaithful or has the energy of unfaithfulness, and this is affecting you. Or it could be energetic, something from your relatives. Don't be hard on yourself if this comes up. In whatever way this feeling has ever affected you, known or unknown, it’s important that you just forgive and release it; you’re not willing to let this feeling affect your health any longer.

SEX: If the word is sex, I just want you to focus on forgiving anything that is known or unknown about sex that has been hurtful or fearful, or is causing problems for you in any way. It could be about a personal experience you had as a child, or in any part of your life.

DEATH: This could represent separation of a person, idea or dream. It tells me that at some point in time, you have been exposed to something regarding the idea of death that has been so overwhelming to your nervous system that it created a memory pattern that affects your physiology every time you think of it. Each time you think of this experience associated with death, it recreates this short-circuit that affects your ability to heal.

Remember, it's not necessary or recommended that you tell me anything about your feelings unless you're having a really tough time with forgiving something. Then you can tell me so I can recommend a positive new way for you to feel about the situation. Otherwise, we can clear the issue without me knowing what it’s about.

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Is it true, that you can't eat too much protein?

No, it's NOT TRUE! Recent scientific research has established that only 10-15% of our total caloric intake should be from protein. The reality is, most Americans are eating far more protein than they should every day!

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends a daily balance of energy using these percentages...
Carbohydrates (CHO) --- 55-65%
Protein (PRO) ---------- 10-15%
FAT (FAT) --------------< 30% (< 10% saturated FAT)

The 449 Rule
Here's the formula for a 2,000 Calorie daily diet (1 Calorie = 1kcal). This is known as the 449 RULE and is based on the fact that Carbohydrates have 4 kcals/gram of energy, Protein has 4 kcals/gram of energy, and Fat has 9 kcals/gram of energy. (Alcohol has 7 kcals/gram of energy; very fattening!).

2,000 Calories (kcal) per day
CHO: 55% x 2,000 = 1,100/4 = 275 grams/day
PRO: 15% x 2,000 =    300/4 = 75 grams/day (If 10% PRO = 50 grams)
FAT: 30% x 2,000 =    600/9 = 150 grams/day

If 28 grams = 1 ounce (and it does), then a 3 ounce steak, at 84 grams, puts you slightly over your limit for protein (75 grams) for the whole day! So do Americans eat too much protein or what? The research is clear; the majority of Americans on a standard 2,000 Calorie diet should eat less than 75 grams of protein a day; less would be even better.

One of the worst health fables you'll hear today is that you can't eat too much protein. You can, and most Americans do, and over-consumption of protein is one of the major causes of dietary toxicity (which causes low pH).

The most commonly consumed high-protein foods in America is meat (and animal products in general). Becoming a vegetarian isn't necessary though. Vegetarians can have dietary toxicity too (a low pH) if they eat too many grains (which are acidic), and not enough fruits and vegetables.

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Does BACTERIA cause disease?

No. Bacteria can't create the internal environment that it needs to multiply. You're the one who creates that environment! How? By your CHOICES; by what you EAT, what you DRINK, how you EXERCISE and REST, by what and how you BREATHE, and most importantly, by what you THINK. If YOU weaken that internal environment with poor lifestyle choices, then bacteria can become threatening to your health.

Each individual has nearly every kind of bacteria imaginable in his own throat and they're not all bad! Without certain kinds of bacteria in your body, you wouldn't be able to digest your food or assimilate vitamins and other nutrients that are in the foods. There are many kinds of bacteria that are absolutely necessary for your health.

Just take good care of yourself. It keeps your resistance up and keeps the harmful bacteria in check.

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Why are processed foods so detrimental?

Substances you put in your body are one the most important factors determining your health.

Processed and incomplete foods lack the essential enzymes, minerals, cofactors, and fiber necessary to gain a benefit, so they harm your body.

As a result, your body must borrow from its own reserves to digest this kind of food which is taxing to your body.

The same problem occurs with drugs; whether they are prescription, OTC, or illegal, they all bring toxicity into your system that your body must work hard to eliminate.

Alcohol, nicotine, and soft-drinks are also toxic. The less you do of these, the easier it will be for your internal intelligence to keep you healthy.

Substances that poison your body reflect that damage into your field, and then your field becomes a poor receptor of the universal information that is responsible for keeping you healthy.

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Refined and artificial sugar replacements

Refined sugar is stimulatory to your body, and most of the artificial sweeteners (sugar alcohols) have proven to be neuro-toxins; they can pass the blood-brain-barrier and over-stimulate the neurons in your brain. This is extremely harmful; you should consider using real sugar products that are less harmful.

You'll find the products discussed below in most whole food markets and health food stores. You can also purchase them online. Search Google.

Rapadura is a good product, and is made by Rapunzel (Organic Whole Cane Sugar). Another one is Organic Suconat (Wholesome Sweetener). These products have little processing and still have live enzymes, cofactors, minerals, and some fiber, so it's easier for your body to digest them without causing harm. They do have calories though.

Another decent sugar substitute, one that is very low in calories, is the NOW brand, Stevia Extract. It is a natural herbal product that is very sweet (up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar). It is great in fruit smoothies, most drinks, for sweetening berries, for your coffee, and cereal, etc. It also has a negligible effect on blood glucose. Stevia is a powerful herbal product! I've found that most patients can only use it 2-3 times a week; if overused, most people will become reactive to it.  Learn more about Stevia

A good coffee sweetener is Flavorganics which is an organic pressed cane juice syrup (not high fructose corn syrup). I've used it before and was happy with it. They are available in Vanilla, Amaretto, Raspberry, Carmel, etc. You'll find you can use this for sweetening whipped cream, too.

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What is vibrational medicine?

I think it's important to understand that there's a whole realm of invisible moving energies beneath the physical; energies that guide and animate the physical; energies that we haven't studied enough, and that many do not understand or even acknowledge. There must be balance; these energies must flow correctly because information from this system directs the growth and healing of your body; it keeps you healthy.

After all my years of thought and study I have come to the final realization that all that exists is energy, and beyond that a divine consciousness.

Albert Einstein


Richard Gerber, MD, an expert in Energy/Vibrational Medicine says,

  “Now we think of the body in terms of a physical system, but in reality, the body is made up of cells and molecules which are a form of energy themselves. In fact, the entire universe is made up of a form of oscillating, vibrating energy, whether it’s light, color, sound, or magnetism. Everything is a form of vibration and energy and science has begun to explore into the atomic world that makes up all of the particles of matter, so that when we get down to our micro-microscopes, and our high-energy particle experiments, it turns out that what we thought were very solid particles of matter (like our bodies) are actually pulsating, vibrating energy, pressed into little tiny packets that we call quanta of energy.
  These particles such as electrons are sometimes referred to by physicists as wave packets, not as the solid little “billiard balls” we might remember and think of from our high school chemistry classes. So the concept of the world as being a place of solid matter is really a kind of illusion because at the microscopic world of the subatomic particles we really are made up of tiny packets of "frozen" energy.
  It is vibrating energy still, but it is compressed into tiny little packets that are held together in very specific ways. ...In other words, we're not talking about a mechanistic view of the body, we're talking about an energetic view of the body.  

Now vibrational medicine is a new term but it is a description of something that is a very ancient form of healing and diagnosis. It is just something that has become updated with modern scientific studies, so that the modern world of physicians can begin to understand, so they can begin to work with human beings not just as machines but as very complex energetic systems (5).”


The evolution to energy/vibrational medicine

It is this initial element, the element of energy and spirit, that we need to bring back into our healthcare system, because only marginal results can be obtained when neglecting the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and energetic aspect of healing.

Even doctors within the medical establishment are beginning to look into HOLISM and this MIND-BODY connection and are conceding that they can’t successfully address patient illnesses that are stress-induced, and the research is clear on this,

“Almost every major illness that people acquire has been linked to chronic stress (6).”

So treating man as a physical being, as a machine, without looking at the WHOLE, without looking at the spiritual dimension (the memory, the mind, the emotions, and the underlying energies), is not producing satisfactory results for most patients.

The Massachusetts General Hospital has observed this phenomenon and opened a MIND-BODY Medicine Institute to address the WHOLE person. Here's why:

"Primary care physicians often are taxed by patient complaints that do not seem to have a clear etiology (cause or origin), nor do the patients improve despite good medications and expensive procedures. Current studies show that STRESS or DISTRESS may have a significant effect on the onset, the course, and the management of many, if not all, diseases. Understanding a patient's underlying stress physiology and coping mechanisms may enable physicians to better understand various clinical disorders and treat their manifested symptoms. Evidence demonstrates that stress may exacerbate or cause illness and that MIND-BODY interventions can improve clinical outcomes (7)."

These MIND-BODY interventions are really just the age-old wellness principles that many holistic, alternative, and complementary healthcare providers have been using very successfully all along.

More from the Massachusetts General Hospital:

"...Today MIND-BODY MEDICINE and SELF-CARE has been shown to be effective and essential in improving our health and, thus, is growing in acceptance to become a THIRD MODALITY in health care, taking its place next to surgery and pharmaceuticals (8)."

So modern medicine is finally affirming what has long been known, that SELF-CARE works; that treating the WHOLE person, spirit, soul, and body, is effective and essential. But don't make this wisdom your "THIRD MODALITY." Make it your "FIRST MODALITY" and you'll likely prevent the emergency room visits, surgery, and pharmaceuticals.

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