Testimonies - What Others are Saying about our Mind-Body Wellness Strategies

1. I started seeing Skip about six months ago for severe shoulder and arm pain, which began a few years earlier with a bike accident that broke the ball off the end of the humorous bone and smashed it into 4 pieces. The accident required major reconstructive surgery to insert a titanium plate to reassemble the top of my arm.

I also had allergies, sinus problems, frequent migraines, and had been diagnosed with a genetic immune deficiency. I was on three daily drugs just for the sinus/immune issues and was daily taking quantities of OTC pain relievers.

After reading his web site, I went in with no agenda beyond allowing my body to tell him what the priorities were and to treat my problems in that order.

As we began treatments we discovered that I had endocrine problems that were behind some of my more visible symptoms. Through finding feelings related to these problems and treating those feelings I began to improve. I am now off all prescriptions and while I still have some headaches, they are less frequent and I can often trace them to my own emotional states. I'm healthier than I've been in years, no longer catching every germ my students bring me. My arms are much better. Again, I still have a ways to go but I no longer need chiropractic care. At the same time, my family relationships are improving, something I hadn't even sought but which I see as related to my treatments.

I can feel that I am improving faster and faster as Skip teaches me to take control of my own health. Life is beautiful. I finally know I have a future.

Celia Shaneyfelt, Oldfort, Tennessee, Violinist/Violin Instructor

2. Since I began my treatments with Skip, I feel more balanced, harmonious, and connected to my inner Self. Skip was able to identify the root cause of my self-limiting beliefs and clear them. I'm now able to be grateful and positive in all areas of my life. This has given me a tremendous sense of freedom in my personal and professional life.

By embracing the wellness principles Skip has shared with me, I have a more thorough blueprint for personal wellbeing. I am eternally grateful!

Alexa Humphries, Atlanta, GA.

3. I've been receiving wellness care from Skip for almost a year now. I'm a single mom with an extremely high stress job and tons of pressure in my life. Fortunately, Skip has been able to help me cope more effectively with the stress and find positive ways to neutralize its detrimental consequences in my life. I have more energy and far less pain in my knees, back, neck and shoulders. The effects of his treatments last longer than the prior chiropractic treatments I was receiving.

Skip's technique enabled him to quickly find key spiritual and emotional issues which were the root cause of pain in my body. Finding a loving and forgiving way to feel about these issues has provided me with much relief. His friendship has been an encouragement in my life, and he has given me a new way to deal with unwhole- some thought patterns, anger, and stress. I'm learning how the power of gratitude can change the way I look at life's lessons.  

Sally Suite, Euharlee, GA., Accountant

4. About 10 months ago, we brought our four children in to see Skip for allergy testing and desensitization. Two of our sons were having worrying reactions to rice, corn, and wheat. Our other son had stomach problems involving H-pylori and our daughter was allergic to eggs and egg products. As I am sure you know, these substances are in nearly every food item on the market!

Our health problems had been going on for many years and it is hard to remember all of the drugs and sickness we've actually been through (lots of stomach and intestinal pain, congestion, distention, throwing up, constipation, loss of sleep, emotions, etc.). Our oldest son’s problems started with his first bite of baby food almost 13 years ago!

As a family, we chose to follow the strict diet needed for the boys. I had to "label" much of our food to make sure the two boys with the worst allergies didn’t eat it by accident. The two children with lesser allergies could eat a broader variety of foods.

Whenever we went into town for shopping, we could only eat at a few places. I researched menus to be sure it was safe for the kids. Even then, what they could eat was very restrictive. It was an extremely challenging time in our lives. The children sometimes felt limited from certain activities—church potlucks, birthday parties, eating out. They often felt embarrassed with their limited diets.

After many years trying the "modern medicine" approach we were introduced to different ideas such as whole foods and organics. This brought some success, but not complete healing. We also sought out Chiropractic treatments and muscle testing (applied kinesiology). The Chiropractor helped us determine who was allergic to what. He treated us with adjustments, nutrition, and supplements. We all felt better, but were wearing ourselves out trying to avoid certain foods. After spending thousands of dollars on different medical options, we were still struggling with allergies.

Skip narrowed down the boys’ major allergens to rice, cornstarch, high fructose corn syrup, and yeast. For our daughter, it was eggs and egg products causing continual congestion. He gave each of our children a few preliminary treatments to prepare them for the allergy desensitization treatment. After this desensitization treatment, we were able to return to a “normal” diet and there was no avoidance period for any of the foods.

My husband is the director of a busy Christian camp, and the whole family helps out during the busiest summer months. During this time of year, we are at camp during meal times. In the past I have had to prepare separate meals for the children due to their food allergies. However, we just survived our first summer of "processed foods and preservatives" with only mild problems—nothing like before!

The freedom provided by this healing has made life so much easier. We are no longer limited to certain restaurants or social functions because of food allergies. Our children feel "normal" again around other children.

We are so grateful to the Lord God for providing healing to our family through Skip's work.

Penny Stewart, Benton, TN.

5. I began seeing Skip to help me get ready for an important board exam I had failed multiple times. I knew there was a psychological component to my inability to pass this exam and wanted to see how his mind-body technique might help me resolve these issues and pass the exam. I never dreamed we would get the results we did.

From the age of 13, I struggled with severe depression and suicidal ideations. By my early 20’s, I was on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers which took the edge off of my anxiety and kept me from killing myself. However, I still found life extremely difficult. At age 26, during a period of extreme busyness and stress, I ran out of anti-depressants. Unable to reach my doctor, therapist, or someone that could help, I was overcome by suicidal impulses and swallowed a bottle of pills. I walked out into the woods and laid down behind a large snow-bank, hoping I’d freeze to death.

I started hallucinating and had a seizure, and somehow called out for help. Fortunately, I was discovered and an ambulance was called. My core body temperature dropped below 90 degrees. I don’t remember much of my two days in the hospital before I was transferred to a mental institute for a week-long stay. While at the mental institute, my meds were adjusted and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Afterwards, I came to terms with the fact that I would be on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers for the rest of my life. These medications kept me nearly stable, and alive, but I felt dull and stupid, had trouble getting to sleep and even more trouble waking up. I was gaining weight and still struggling with bouts of severe depression. I had tried therapy and participated in various cognitive behavioral therapy groups, but found little relief. All the therapy in the world won’t help if you can’t get to, or don’t know how to articulate your problem – if you don’t really know why you feel the way you do.

When I first started getting treatments from Skip, my goals were to clear the psychological block that was preventing me from passing the exam. I didn’t realize that the LORD had much more in store and He was leading me to a deeper healing. I had put limits on GOD and assumed I would battle this for the rest of my life, always requiring medication.

Using kinesiological muscle testing, Skip went through his mind-body procedure and began peeling off the layers until we found the CAUSE, the reason I was experiencing depression and suicidal impulses. At age 13, I was involved in a ministry that made national headline news. When my photograph received national media exposure I was cursed by a coven of devil worshippers. This was the onset of the majority of my problems.

I was certain that the spiritual component of the depression had already been resolved because, at the end of my senior year in high school (age 17), my youth pastor and his wife discerned that I was under some type of demonic attack or curse, and asked The Most High to end the attack in Jesus’ Name. I felt free and was actually happy to be alive for the first time in years.

But old habits die hard and, although the spiritual component was resolved, the habits and thought patterns I had formed continued to damage me on a physical, psychological, and emotional level. I simply knew no other way to deal with the stress and anger in my life than to turn it inward and contemplate escape. With medication, I was able to function, but was far from healthy. Gradually, the depression crept back in.

Skip’s WHOLE person approach brings all the dimensions together into one cohesive, spiritually based system of treatment based on the patient’s priority need. It enabled him to get to the root cause of my depression, and helped me change my thought patterns and destructive behaviors, bringing inner healing and self-forgiveness. It took a lot of treatments and a lot of prayer, but in February 2008, 5 years after my suicide attempt, I weaned off all of my medications and was finally freed from depression and suicide.

Although I still encounter stressful situations, I am much better equipped to handle them. Having experienced almost 2 full years of freedom from suicide and depression, I can confidently tell you that my entire outlook on life has changed; for the first time in my life I realize I have a future. I can truly say I am mentally, emotionally, and psychologically healthier than I have ever been and am excited to see what The LORD has in store. I am thankful He brought me to Skip and that Skip was willing and able to hear His voice to bring health and healing into my life.

Abigail Dahl, D.V.M.

6. I have been getting treated by Skip since September 2006. I came to Skip with a desire to make some life changes after hearing about how his mind-body strategies can get down to deep emotional and spiritual levels.

Skip understands the underlying core issues really well and was very helpful. My TMJ is better... I've learned what feeling was causing it and I now know how to control it. I feel that I understand myself better, am making better decisions, and am living at my optimal level. I am really feeling great! I'm more clear-headed, I'm handling stress better, disappointments better, am feeling more positive in life, and more positive about myself, and am feeling more connected spiritually and emotionally to my source.

I never realized how my thoughts and feelings about my responsibilities and situations could have an effect on how my body was functioning. We can all control our stress; we might not be able to change the situation, but we can change our negative reactions to it!  

Carolyn DeSimone, Graduate Student, Marietta, GA.

7. In early 1998, I was a Registered Dietitian, working in a local hospital/clinic, when I began to experience tenderness and pain in my left side at the lower rib area. I went to my primary medical care physician to have it checked out, but he was unable to determine what was causing my pain, or even make a suggestion as to what could be causing it.

So I asked for a referral for a CT scan. Unfortunately, the CT scan also proved inconclusive. It didn’t look like anything could be done for my side pain and I was concerned about its tenacity. By 2004, the pain continued to come and go, but seemed to be getting worse, especially when I would breathe deeply or touch the area.

Right before Christmas 2008, a university science professor whom had become a friend, took me to see Skip, a friend of hers who specializes in wellness care. He is the founder of the “MIND-BODY” TECHNIQUE. I had no clue what that might be about. I’d never heard of mind-body therapy, or vibrational medicine before. I thought it was just for fun and I was sort of a guinea pig, just part of an experiment.

Surprisingly, Skip didn’t seem to give any real attention to the pain I was experiencing (that I know of), but by using muscle tests, and going through a procedure he obviously knew very well, he was able to tell me what the cause of my pain was, and to clear it from “subconscious memory.” It had something to do with certain feelings that were associated with damaging physiological patterns I activated when I experienced those feelings.

I wasn’t expecting much, but I better reserve judgement because Skip’s treatment created instant results. I received only 2 treatments, and today, almost 8 months later, I’m not having that pain any more.

Thank you Skip!

Marva Crosby, M.Ed, RD, BS, Graduate Student, Atlanta

8. Skip utilizes a unique "mind-body" approach to restoring health and wellness. His ability to quickly identify and eliminate the neuro-emotional cause of your health problem (which is so often mismanaged stress that develops into harmful health patterns) makes him a wonderful healer.

Skip believes that "every symptom has a cause and that the cause is usually related to a feeling associated with an injury or accident, a negative experience, or broken relationship." This "treat the cause" approach works so much better for me than the traditional methods of managing symptoms.

I feel great after my treatments with Skip; I'm sleeping better, handling stress more constructively, feeling more positive about my life, and am experiencing less pain. His treatments affect body, mind and spirit. You'll feel uniquely different, at rest and at peace after a treatment. I receive regular wellness care from Skip and feel balanced and at the peak of my potential for life and health. 

Dr. Louise Tallman, Alpharetta, GA.

9. I have been under Skip's "wellness" care for over a half-year now. He has made a dramatic difference in my life regarding my health, wellness, and my spirituality. I have made wonderful changes in my attitude and spirit since I've been receiving his treatments. Skip has helped me to address core issues in my life, and to better handle the stress of the graduate level program I'm presently involved in.

During the winter, Skip traced the cause of my allergic reactions from second-hand smoke, burning leaves, pollen during the spring, etc. back to a few negative childhood experiences and then we found the harmful feelings associated with the patterns and neutralized them. That eliminated my allergy problem. Even with a pollen count of over 8,000 this spring, I had no reactions. We're now working on a similar strategy to rid me of a chronic issue with my ankle and knee (UPDATE: the ankle and knee issue has been corrected!).

Skip is a kind and compassionate healer whom always puts the time and patience into his work to bring those under his care closer to the perfection that God has waiting for all of us.  

Natalie Keenan, Acworth, GA., Graduate Student

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